Member Cards Bot is perfect for creating great looking member information cards. Once setup, this bot allows you to create new member cards. Other members can view your card to get to know you better or locate the username required to find, follow and/or add you!

Getting Started

To get started, Member Cards Bot is fairly easy to use. I have done my best to make it simple for you.
NOTE: You must have "Manage Server" permission to set up the bot.

1. Create a new text channel where your members can't send messages. Then drag and drop the new channel to the top of your channels list.
2. Use the /setup command and the bot will run its initial setup process and post a Member Cards setup message for your members.
3. If you want birthday announcement messages, use the /configure birthday command to select the channel you would like the messages to go to.
4. By default, pronouns are shown on the Member Cards only. Pronouns can be set to show as a role or to be shown in the members nickname. To do so, use the /configure pronouns command to make the appropriate changes.
5. Enjoy! You're now ready to use Member Cards Bot to create unique and informative server member cards!

In-bot help

The option to get help on all the bot commands is conveniently available right through discord with the use of the Member Card Bot's internal /help command.

Adding Member Cards

To add Member Cards Bot to your server click here.

TNOTE: To add Member Cards Bot to your server, you need to be the �Owner� of the server or have "Manage Server" permission.


  • < >: Required Argument
  • [ ] : Optional Argument

NOTE: click the command to show more info about it.

Setup Commands

  • setup
  • Description: Posts the main menu for members to create their member card.
    Example: /setup

  • configure birthday
  • Description: Let's you define the birthday announcement channel.
    Example: /configure birthday <#general>

  • configure pronouns
  • Description: Let's you define how pronouns are shown.
    Example: /configure pronouns < option >
    Options: role, nickname, card-only.

General Commands

    • help - In Discord help menu.
    • card - Show a member's card!
    • credits - Check and spend your credits.
    • vote - Vote for Member Cards and earn spins for the /wheel.
    • birthday - Set your birthday.
    • pronoun - Define your pronoun.
    • wheel - Spin on the wheel and win big! Costs 1 vote.
    • forgetme - To delete all your data stored across all servers.
    • donate - Buy credits or simply donate for the bot.